The perfect Linux desktop for broadcast or general use.

Some extra settings and tweaks after install

The following are some optional extra settings and tweaks we have added to our initial install:

Install our icon theme (not included in previous notes):
This replaces the default Ubuntu icons for a more "corporate" look.
Download or copy the file to the Downloads folder.
Click here to download the file.
Open a terminal and type the following:
cd /tmp
unzip /home/broadcast/Downloads/ 
sudo mv broadcast /usr/share/icons/broadcast
From the main menu run "Appearance".
Click the "Icons" tab and select "Broadcast", then close "Appearance".
The icon directory also includes a copy of the "start menu" button ("justify-format-symbolic") file
in the /usr/share/icons/broadcast directory should this ever be required.

Other tweaks and changes:
We now set the desktop icon size to 35 rather than 38 and use a different shortcut to files.
Right click on the desktop and select "Desktop Settings".
Click "Icons". Set Icon size: 35. Under "Default Icons" tick only "wastebasket".

Create a shortcut to the user's "Documents" folder on the desktop:
Note: Normal links in Linux may be counter intuitive for this purpose as they show the virtaul path rather than the real one. To avoid that, we create a "link" icon to the required folder.
Right click on the desktop and select "Create URL Link".
Name: Documents
URL: /home/broadcast/Documents
Click on the Icon and select "All Icons" then "folder-documents".
Click "Create".
Double click on the new icon and select "Mark Executable" when prompted.
You now have a direct shortcut to the user's Documents folder.

Fix a minor issue where in some applications scroll bars may disappear:
Open a terminal:
sudo vi /etc/environment
Add on a new line at the end:
Reboot for this to take effect.

Some other personal cosmetic tweaks:
Remove all icon shortcuts other than "Show Desktop" to the right of the "start menu".
Disable the transparent background to the terminal:
In the terminal select "Edit" then "Preferences" and click the "Appearance" tab.
Move the "Opacity" slider to the far right.